Connective Tissue Harvesting Techniques ebook

Connective Tissue Grafts ebook

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Find inside some tips from the authors, clinical cases, photos, illustrations and much more. 

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What's Inside

A clear guideline about how to harvest a connective tissue graft. Where, why and how to do it are some the questions that this ebook will help you to answer.

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How to perform a "safe" surgery and avoid complications during the harvesting procedure. Anatomical implications that you should know before performing a connective tissue graft.


Tips from the authors

Clinical cases from the authors with tips that will help you in your daily practice. All the content is scientific-based and with a clear understanding of the different type of grafts.



This illustrations will provide a visual explanation of the most common procedures to harvest a connective tissue graft.

“One of the most useful ebook for our daily practice. Very nice tips, complete and concise. Everything with scientific evidence.”

Daniel Robles- Implant Dentistry and Periodontics

“I think it´s one of the easiest ebook to read and learn in the field of mucogingival plastic surgery. Fully recommended for periodontists, dentists with experience in surgery and professionals in training.”

Kurro Ca- Implant Dentistry and Periodontics

About the Author

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Francisco is the Periospot co-founder and private practice in Barcelona, Spain.  

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